Mario Costantino Triolo presents us his last The Mechanical Queen Museum project. Fine fabrics, impeccable cuts and refined details are just the last of the many steps that have led to the goal of success. And now the Calabrian designers experimented new roads, parallel, in a precious streetwear.

Behind? Dedication, curiosity and ... passion. The one that never abandons you, which absorbs your daily life into a professional project that becomes synonymous with lifestyle. This is the story of Mario Costantino Triolo , a designer that has fashion, the real one, in his blood: from the days he has stolen with his eyes, and with his hands, his grandmother's work, to his travels to Calabria, his land of origin, searching and discovering realities and cultural heritage to safeguard, where embroidery and secrets become bread for a designer who is ready to play, to improve every day, even to his most important debut in the Emirates Arabs with It's Time To White - Dubai in 2016. High Fashion, wrapped in allure, is reflected in all its splendor in the Couture collection devoted to sculpture dresses, a jubilation of baroque beauty, but never stoned, important, but never exaggerated, with which Mario Constantino Triolo has been able to dress a mature woman of an original elegance. Faithful to tradition, in line with contemporaneity.

But the scepter is for The Mechanical Queen, for a queen that history really did. In an innovative, crafty and futuristic key, the face of Elizabeth First Queen of England now becomes the cue and point of a capsule, a trademark of creations designed to repeat it without ever repeating itself. In fact, in each piece you will rediscover an unprecedented creativity, regenerated in the good taste of composing and dissecting the "costume" puzzle made of corsets transformed into shirts, tailored jackets with panier, interiors curated to the millimeter, ‘50s shape, united by the royal look.

The focus, however, is definitely the iconic t-shirt, to which Mario Constantino Triolo has now devoted a project to be discovered. After collaborating with Juri Lorenzetti and his paintbrushes for the FW 17 of hand-painted sweaters, Mario goes beyond opening up doors to exclusive shopping online, a virtual museum ... The Mechanical Queen Museum. The works? Ten unpublished t-shirts where the queen and her echoes will find yarn, twisted yarns, and where the already boundless boundary between art and fashion will definitely disappear.

Concurrently with the inauguration of The Mechanical Queen Museum, Mario will launch a limited edition of ten t-shirts, including two dedicated to the youngest. For a reinterpreted daily life, for a contemporary sense of sovereignty, you don't miss t-shirt for you! The Mario Costantino Triolo t-shirt. Long life to the queen ... or rather to The Mechanical Queen! Yuo can buy HERE. For info