Like the awakening of the sleeping beauty, slow and ardently desired, spring begins to tease the winter with sudden sunny days but we are not yet ready to show our bare thighs and calves between veils of tulle and the adherence of super short sheaths... Don't worry though, because we look over your shoulder, or rather... your legs with our exclusive Most Wanted Pants.

For lovers of austere and vigorous looks or for those who embody femininity par excellence, the pants can only be the ally of a lifetime. Yes, the back-to-work style tempts us, provokes us and we... we let him do it! No longer an icon of virility and men's fashion, in 2020 pants tell every nuance of women with their precious metres of fabric.

There are many proposals, one more avant-garde than the other, but some models should always have a secure place in your wardrobe. Our never without? Don't ask us twice, we'll satisfy you right away: never without a pair of long (very long, indeed extremely long) wide-leg trousers, ideal for hugging the curves of any physicality giving an effortless elegance and if combined with pumps or platforms the match is guaranteed! With a grunge flavour and a bit rough, the cropped pants cutted at the ankle, sweeten an urban look in combos with sneakers while giving character to the outfit if adorned with an embellished nude sandal. Dare, show off, repeat. These are the imperatives of the season and so we respond to orders with the inevitable printed pants: a statement! Not necessarily animated by shocking colors, the print can crown softer colours to be wearable both during the day and in the evening and leave its mark ... always!

Do you want to slim your figure and have an instant vintage allure? Just two words: high waist! We know, we know, by now thanks to our style lessons you have understood that high-waist garments have an extra charm but remembering it never hurts, especially if you remember it through Made in Italy creations. Another tip? Leather, at times it has an arrogant seduction, it does not abandon us with its second skin effect but becomes the protagonist of shorts and culotte pants. The classic black, never banal, remains a certainty to be matched with white t-shirts or soft blouses.

I mean, who knows what else! The pants are a brazen answer to the eternal "if you want to look beautiful you have to suffer"! No, we claim the versatile and comfortable fashion with models that draw the sinuous lines of the body without revealing too much, with fabrics that shape the silhouette but fall softly on it...

We claim style and savoir-faire with our Most Wanted Pants!

Most Wanted Pants: trousers by The B.


Classic Brown Wool Trousers - The B.

The variant of The B. is a novelized reinterpretation of bell-bottoms. The cut, with its high waist, flatters the shapes and exalts them gracefully, the colour is warm and recalls nature, perfect for monochrome looks or colorblocking, the ruffles are applied on the leg in mini version to give that extra note of sweetness without obstructing the meticulous style ... In short, a garment to have and wear!

Most Wanted Pants: jumpsuit by LĀU


Broad jumpsuit Aly - LĀU

When comfort and urban style come together in an irreverent and bold design, LĀU is born. With this model, contemporary women can experience the best of both worlds: practicality and taste, skirt and trousers, half and all. The leg is wide and falls softly along the hips with its oversized proportions. Not a shirt nor even a chemisier, but an exclusive jumpsuit ideal for every occasion, from office days to parties with friends.

Most Wanted Pants: shorts by The Al


Bold Shorts - The Al

The colour is full-bodied, deep and bright, the material is luxurious and tells the story of Made in Italy. With sagacity and skill the leather is carved to create an exclusive garment. Playful if overlapped with tights to dampen a total black look. The shorts by The Al tell a conscious and confident femininity in every crease. The geometries are clean-cut but the material sits softly on the figure, enhancing a modern beauty that winks at the elegance of the good old days.

Most Wanted Pants: joggers by The Al


Soft Joggers - The Al

The precious nappa leather is worked, moulded and shaped into a minimalist garment in the cut but absolutely decisive in style. The Al's comfortable joggers are a must have for any everyday look. They wrap the body with character and contemporary audacity for a modern woman who doesn't follow the rules, she dictates them!

Most Wanted Pants: trousers by The B.


Elegant Squared Long Trousers - The B.

The plaid print will never lose its charm but the creation of The B. has that je ne sais quoi that no one can resist. Its cut is rigorous, at times masculine, the impeccable lines design the silhouette without conceding too much and the style, well, that is simply sublime. The neutral tones tell of a decisive woman without frills. Great to walk through the office atrium in style, to be combined with a matching blazer or a cream-coloured sweater... as long as you have it!