Not just a trend but a real lifesaver: denim! One of the smartest and most functional fabrics ever... failure is not allowed (especially if you follow our The Look Denim)! It's an irreplaceable ally, it can adapt to the seasons, to the different dress codes and to the infinite shapes of us women... in short, if you hadn't guessed it yet this week the watchword is denim!

For a long time it was cleared through customs by the big fashion houses because it was considered too humble a fabric, now nobody can do without it. Raise your hand if you don't have at least one pair of folded jeans in your closet. As I imagined, no one! The favorite jeans that draw the curves with flattering shapes, the pair bought three years ago two sizes less than the one you don't really want to get rid of in the hope of being motivated to join the gym, (don't hide, we've all been there), dark, the darkest or even white ... there's a pair for every taste!

Interpreter of the historical hippie fashion or symbol of the hip-hop world, denim reigns among the trends of the new year and a flea in my ear tells me that it won't leave us soon... thank goodness!

Paw pants, skinny jeans, mum jeans, boyfriend jeans, patchwork trench coats, minidresses, oversized androgynous jackets, overalls, ripped shorts, you ask and you will be given!

We all remember the iconic Britney Spears-Justin Timberlake couple but even more their triumphant appearance at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards with their matchy total denim outfits (hat included). Criticised and mocked by the press for years, today, nineteen years later, they are the source of one of, indeed of the trend of the new era. We like total denim, very much, so go ahead, have fun with the most unthinkable coordinated looks.

How do we get a safe shot? Pick the same wash. No, don't panic, mixing different nuances and textures hasn't been abolished yet, so don't worry, but wearing the same wash from head to toe will instantly give you an elegant and well-groomed aura regardless of the vibe you are looking for, whether it's an urban and street look or a more feminine one, if interpreted as a suit it will give you those couture notes that distinguish you.

And to release elegance from all pores? Well, shirt and skirt, matching of course! Yes, yes, I know, I'm guilty, together we have praised so much the power of a good pair of jeans and now I take you by surprise with this set, but what can I say, the most beautiful looks are the unexpected ones, so dare. Our legendary and multi award-winning Beyoncé or the over-photographed by paparazzi Kim Kardashian have taught us that nothing is more sought-after and seductive than a total denim made of shirt and skirt. The former immediately infuses refinement without losing the playful and self-ironic spirit that belongs to us, while the latter unleashes endless femininity... when combined with a décolletée the game is done.

Well, you have all your instructions, so now it's your turn. How to review the manual? Follow our The Look Denim, victory assured!

The Look Denim: shirt by Yekaterina Ivankova


Shirt Paris - Yekaterina Ivankova

Yekaterina's proposal is a smart creation with a geometric silhouette. The shape is boxy and the details are very accurate, from the unusual reinterpretation of the collar with a knot to the two shades of the washes, from the meticulous tailored seams of the torso to the raw cut hems of the sleeves... simply unmistakable!

The Look Denim: sunglasses by Rewop Milano


Ironic Murano Crystal Yellow - Rewop Milano

Bright, light in material but reasoned in substance, Rewop Milano's sunglasses are a curious accessory ideal to dampen the blue tones of a total denim look, with no ifs and buts. The frame is transparent but is embellished with golden details and workmanship, while the lenses are super bright yellow. An easy way to carry our pop soul...

The Look Denim: mini skirt by Yekaterina Ivankova


Skirt London - Yekaterina Ivankova

A passpartout miniskirt! Short but not too short, tight but not vulgar, in short the perfect mix. Front and back pockets are worked in a new way giving character to the creation. The soul is definitely rock and cheeky but if combined with a shirt, elegant will be the first compliment you will receive. The icing on the cake? The piece is a sustainable workmanship!

The Look Denim: handbag by Villa Trentuno


Elegant Aura Yellow Bag - Villa Trentuno

The piece is a praise to the mix & match! Different weavings and textures intersect each other with rigorously made in Italy processing. Smooth, rough, refined, gritty... Villa Trentuno describes with its luxurious bag the modern woman at 360°, so don't keep it waiting, make it yours!

The Look Denim: mono-earring by Spira Mirabilis Jewels


Viriditas (be) Light 4Fly Mono Earring - Spira Mirabilis Jewels

Handcrafted in the majestic Florence, the mono-earring designed by Spira Mirabilis Jewels is a delicate accessory that frames the face with its colours that recall the taste of the earth. Light and with character, the feather tastefully completes your total denim look, gives character and a bit of irreverence without exceeding... You will not go unnoticed!

The Look Denim: bangles by Spira Mirabilis Jewels


Viriditas The Infinite Universe Bracelet - Spira Mirabilis Jewels

A new and surprising creation: the bracelet signed Spira Mirabilis Jewels is a real sculpture to wear. Between joints, full and empty spaces, the structure simulates three bangles while remaining a single construction. The style is minimal and the lines are essential, making it an required accessory for any look, day or evening, don't miss it!