Cratere Earrings

Cratere earrings - Mythos Collection - Khàrm Design. "For its beauty and its fruitfulness the Gods contend for the possession of the city." Cit. Polybius. Legend, belief, reality. A myth. Steel, in its simple poverty, tells a distant legend, still alive in tradition and in Neapolitan places. Beauty, thirst for wisdom, impetuosity, nature, rebirth, life, love. The cabochons, the crystals in the shades of the Mediterranean, the blue night of the Lapis lazuli, the blue, the green and still the magmatic reds of the coral and the black of the onyx stone recall the sinuous, rough and primitive nature of the Neapolitan landscape. Crafted wisdom and uniqueness meet the technological precision of laser cutting. A sinuous body, long hair that softly fluctuates and almost resembles the mountains of Vesuvius, the tail that at the end of the siren becomes feather. Half fish and half bird. A dual view that leaves room for imagination and imagination. Naples, pearl of the Mediterranean, wants its foundation and its morphology to be linked to the Greek mythology of the Siren Parthenope. Three mermaids, three sisters. Partenope, the most beautiful and wise of the three, from its rock, where today stands the marvelous and historic Palace Donn’Anna, watched and admired the entire Gulf of Naples. The Legend has it that, rejected by Ulysses, according to the Homeric Opera, desperate lets itself go among the waves of the sea until it dies on the rock where today Castel dell'Ovo rises.

Cratere Earrings. The wild and primitive nature of Vesuvius. Destruction and Rebirth. The predominance, impetuosity and beauty of the promontory. " Earrings with handcrafted satin stainless steel element, black plexiglass element, black onyx stone, red bamboo coral and red agate cabochon.

Handcrafted products , assembled with the exclusive use of first choice materials. Any small imperfections are not to be considered a defect but a value that certifies the authenticity of the craftsmanship. Made in Italy.

  • Material : plexiglass, black onyx stone, red bamboo coral and red agate cabochon.
  • Dimension : lenght 12 cm
  • One-of-a-kind piece
  • Handmade in Italy

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Khàrm Design is a 100% made in Italy jewellery brand founded in 2014 by Carmela Barbato. The collections designed entirely by hand by the designer are the result of a journey of exploration and research aimed at style, materials (Plexiglas, natural stones and PLA), the contamination of traditional techniques with new technologies, such as laser cutting and 3D printing and material lightness. Khàrm is the etymological study of the name Carmela, which derives from the Hebrew Chàrmel, “Garden”. A garden where you can lose yourself in asymmetrical shapes and vital colours. The microworld of the jewel becomes a sculpture that moves softly on the body. Semi-precious and plastic materials that combine art, culture and nature in an ongoing dialogue with the human body and the three-dimensional space.

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Cratere Earrings