Africa Pop: this is how the talented designer Valentina Poltronieri calls her new Spring/Summer 2023 collection. A mix of colours, fabrics, patterns and inspirations that take us far away, or rather make us travel. With imagination, heart, mind.

Yes, because the founder and designer of the homonymous brand, as with the previous collections, focuses on travel. And this time she does it in an even more profound, mature, spiritual way: in Africa Pop, art, culture, aesthetics, tradition, lifestyle, landscapes but above all the history of peoples and people emerge.

Africa Pop tells a lively journey of knowledge and human relationships. In fact, this collection was born from the meeting between Valentina and the "Fab Five", five wonderful African designers from different countries, namely Senegal, Cameroon, Burundi, Nigeria and Morocco. The verve and charisma of the girls soon impresses the curiosity and interest of Valentina who immediately feels the desire to explore "their mix of styles, their relationship with Africa and the different but common vision they have of their people".

Energy, color, playfulness draw the features of a dynamic collection that interprets the African universe in a Pop and Cartoonistic key. The color palette chosen to represent is made of pastel, light and soft nuances with more lively color accents and tips of yellow, pink, light blue, green and blue. They often use color blocks.

Alongside the colours, prints and graphics: from the iconic giraffe, fun and cartoonish, to a revisited animalier with chiaroscuro and three-dimensional effects up to the hands, a symbol of sharing and mutual support. Organza, viscose, silk, denim, organic cotton: these are the fabrics chosen to make maxi and light printed chemisier, coordinated suits, maxi skirts, pop t-shirts.

Even the accessories evoke the kaleidoscope atmosphere and sparkling dynamism of the collection. The materials used for the accessories are recycled poly-cotton buttons, raffia fringes, straw bags with tassels, woven cotton cords.

Discover the creations of the exclusive Valentina Poltronieri brand now and wear the real made in Italy.