Strong and intense in the red shades, bright and elegant in the white and natural ones, delicate and playful as only pastel colors can be. Today we are talking about colors, the real great inspiration of fashion and of the Spring/Summer 2021 collections.

And not only that. In fact, each nuance hides a story, a personality, characteristics that do not fade with the seasons. Indeed, they reconfirm themselves with determination, always giving the best side, or better, tone of themselves.

Let's find out together which colors to focus on and how to create a palette in the name of style and versatility. Are you ready to color your wardrobes?


Light, delicate, the lighter version of blue gives a sense of peace and harmony to our looks. Straight and romantic is one of this season's must-have colors, from clothing to accessories, including jewelry. Despite its delicate beauty, it is easily worn and combined with different styles and shades. Elegant in combo with white, playful and bon ton mixed with pastel colors such as yellow or pink, sophisticated and classy for your daytime outfits together with beige and natural shades. In short, light blue cannot be missing from your palette.


A classic that… never goes out. The strength and intensity of red overwhelms seasons, collections and entire generations every year. From coral to cardinal, from scarlet to vermilion, red is always beautiful, as if to say timeless. Combine it with blue, light blue but also camel, white or the more delicate shades of pink, for a touch of class of fashion addicted. Whether it's a bag, a midi dress or a nice pair of shoes, don't forget to add a nice touch of red to your palette.


Beautiful worn in a total look, from head to toe, just as the latest trends claim, but also combined with bright and super colorful tones. White is a real must: it will elegantly illuminate your outfits. From the great classic of the white shirt to the trend of white and micro bags, from the suit to the jumpsuit, from the hat to the shoes… this color never tires us.


There are those who love its very much and who... a little less. We are certainly part of the first group. In all its shades, pink has always enjoyed lighting up even the most sober looks with color and femininity. How to wear it? Choose the lighter and more delicate shades for your dresses or elegant looks, dare with baby pink or the more intense variants to have fun creating fashionable looks by focusing on accessories.


Pastel, lemon, canary up to Illuminate yellow chosen by Pantone as one of the two colors of the year 2021. Yellow is now present in everyone's wardrobe. Choose it in its light and pastel shade for dresses or lady like garments, opt for the more intense yellow for accessories. And if it seems difficult to match, don't worry: wear it together with light blue, white, pink, blue and why not even black and your look will be cool!


Anyone who thinks it's boring is wrong! Ultimate Gray was in fact chosen, together with yellow, as the color trend of the year. A deserved victory given the beauty of this color and its great versatility. Yes, because gray is no longer just synonymous with rigor and essentiality but also with elegance, trend and even casual chic. In a mix and match of styles and colors, such as red, green, yellow or even pink, he manages to create truly avant-garde looks. Wear (gray) to believe!