From super slim to the comfort of the joggers, discover with us which are the 7 models of pants that cannot be missing in your wardrobe. Exclusive pieces and saves looks to keep within reach of the wardrobe.

High-waisted, casual or elegant, pants are the right choice for many different moments of the day. Very refined if it is a palazzo panta, feminine in skinny versions, evergreen in the iconic cigarette shape, adherent to look like a second skin or flared and comfortable. Find the right fit and enhance the silhouette because there are many pants but… are you curious to know which are the 7 models to focus on?

bav tailor cigarette pants


Cigarette Pants

Impossible not to have one. Cigarette trousers have always been one of the great classics of the female wardrobe. Used mainly in dailywear, they are suitable with few tricks and combinations to be suitable for office and leisure time. They perfectly follow the line of the legs, reaching the ankles without forcing them. They close with buttons, elastic band, zip and usually have pockets that cut the pants vertically at the height of the hips. Go ahead and choose your cigarette pants of different textures or colors and why not with a few more details just like the exclusive Souci Origami di Bav Tailor that we have selected for you.

slouchy lau pants


Slouchy Pants

Known as the balloon trousers, the slouchy (from the English verb slouch, dangle) have a narrow and high waist while they remain soft on the hips, wide on the legs, tightening at the ankles. A versatile comfy chic that will keep you company with style on several occasions. Perfect with sneakers but also with cheeky slingbacks or gritty ankle boots, they are one of the must-haves of the summer. Which ones have we selected for you? LĀU's blue slouchies: very comfortable trousers with infinite combinations and opportunities for use!

palazzo pants the b.


Palazzo Pants

Synonymous with exclusivity and elegance, palazzo pants are a passepartout to show off even for special occasions. Light, in silk, printed or not, they are always a must in terms of style. In different colors and materials, they can be worn alone but also in total look with pijama suits or suits just like the proposal we have designed for you. Fluid and refined palazzo pants by The B. Wear them with a nice sandal with high-heeled straps.

pant skirt chiara perrot


Pants or skirt? Pants skirt!

They are worn as a skirt but in reality they are trousers. The pant skirt moves elegantly between day and evening looks. Very wide and midi, they reach the ankles for maximum length, misleading everyone and often being mistaken for exclusive skirts. Which pant skirt model to put in your wishlist? White, high waist with elastic and suspenders by Chiara Perrot.

black joggers trousers the al


Joggers Pants

Anyone who thinks they are the right model just for playing sports is wrong. Comfort and trend have never gone so well as in sporty chic and joggers. Have fun combining them not only with sneakers, sweatshirts or t-shirts but dare and mix them with shirts, tops, kitten heels… Which ones do we recommend? The Al joggers: an irresistible cult... there will always be a good opportunity to wear them!

coulottes bav tailor model


Coulottes Pants

Half size lovers? This is the model for you. Knee-length or a little further down they are made in different fit, wide or more snug. If at the beginning we were all incredulous and skeptical to see them even if they were just parading now we all want at least a couple. The right compromise to wear a fresh garment without exposing your legs too much. Which coulottes pants have we designed for you? The Bav Tailor model in natural fabric with a soft and wide fit on the leg.

slim fit pants riccardo selvaggi


Slim Fit Pants

feminine and close-fitting, the slim fit model enhances the silhouette by emphasizing the shapes. An essential garment that combines well with both more casual accessories and shoes such as sneakers but also with slingback ballerinas, pumps and more feminine details. Short ankle length models slim the figure and lengthen the legs. In jeans, cotton or other fabrics, slim fit trousers can also be worn on special occasions. Discover Riccardo Selvaggi's laminated pants and get ready to shine in your summer evenings and not!