New brands, exclusive creations and a lot of talent: the younger side of fashion continues to surprise and conquer us. From clothing to accessories, we have discovered some emerging brands that are definitely not to be missed. Made in Italy, attentive to the environment, good at treasuring traditional processes by mixing them with contemporary design and taste. Style statements that come out of the ordinary, or rather that make the ordinary extraordinary, which do not need large logos or excesses to be seen. The artisanal beauty, the exclusivity of the unique piece, the dialogue with the territory, the strength to carry out a project, to communicate a thought as well as a product. For you, a selection of new emerging brands to know and never forget!

Alessandra Balbi - Designed by Alessandra Balbi and handmade in Italy by Venetian artisans, the shoes of this new brand embody contemporary luxury. Exclusive, unique, made with care, love, great professionalism just as the best tradition wants. Inspired by the world of art and design, Alessandra Balbi shoes are precious, elegant and timeless products.

CASA PRETI - In 2017, the CASA PRETI clothing brand was born from the meeting between the Palermo tailor Mattia Piazza and the Swiss architect Steve Gallay. By choosing a local production and Italian fabrics, the brand identifies itself in collections with clean and soft lines, which embrace the body and dress it with elegance. A refined fashion that does not need virtuosity or excesses to get noticed but that starts from the quality of the materials and from the precious manufacturing to assert itself.

red alessandra balbi sandals with heel
total look casa preti

Caterina Zulian - Born in 2019 in Rome from the talent of the homonymous founder and designer, Caterina Zulian, this bag brand stands out for its versatility. Through oversized shapes and an artisanal made, it conquers us by offering us the possibility of wearing a stylish yet functional accessory.

Double Venezia - How to combine classic tailored constructions with contemporary needs? The Double Venezia brand answers precisely this question with its creations. Starting from the attention to materials and quality, he combines the great classics with the experimentation of washing, embroidery and colors. Collections that collect the legacy of tradition, making it grow and evolve within the brand.