In unsuspected times a certain Coco Chanel says: "Fashion passes, style remains". A phrase so iconic that it is used on many occasions. Also in terms of shoes, the most popular and necessary accessory. In particular for women, many of whom make it a real fetish.

Over the centuries until today, models born from the practical needs or creative flair of fashion designers are truly impossible to count. From the gladiator sandals of the Greeks - elegant, practical and sensual - to the So Kate stiletto by Christian Louboutin (now on display until July 28, 2020 at the Palais de la Porte Dorée in Paris) footwear is the real fixed nail.

High heels, ballerinas, boots, slippers, sneakers and sandals. Whoever has more has more. Yes, because if up to the 50s to go to an important dinner the high heel was almost a must and the toe could never be round - at least in the bourgeois sense - today it is no longer like that: fashion is free from the laws. There is no longer a style code. Everyone has his own, even when it happens to be invited to events of a certain importance.

A wide range of shoes - from sandals to boots - distinguishes the creations of designer Susana Madrid. Born in the States and raised in Colombia, she decides that Milan must be her creative and, above all, productive base. The luxury of her shoes makes them suitable for any occasion. They are comfortable with everything, très chic.

 Shoes: a new approach for the contemporary woman. Sneakers by Press At Work.
 Shoes: a new approach for the contemporary woman. Ankleboots by Susana Madrid.
 Shoes: a new approach for the contemporary woman. Sneakers by Luca Berioli.
Shoes: a new approach for contemporary women.
Shoes: a new approach for contemporary women.

Matching sneakers with an all over floral print dress may seem like a risky choice, it takes courage but it is not impossible. In fact, Karl Lagerfeld was among the first to send sneakers on the catwalk a few years ago. And the press all over the world praised him. He rewarded the courage that the great designer had in having Chanel clothes displayed along with shoes that were not exactly conventional for the Parisian fashion house. Black Dioniso, the footwear brand founded by Luca Berioli produces luxury sports shoes from Perugia, inspired by the icons of the '900, "revisiting them with fine applications and hard-made works", explains the designer. His "luxury sneakers" - as he defines them - are appreciated all over the world and arrive at the feet of the Guns and Roses and the football star Ronaldo. Luca Berioli also has his own eponymous brand, where he interprets the shoe in a personal, more intimate way.

And speaking of sneakers, why do not target unisex models such as those made by Matteo Pressamariti for his Press At Workbrand? All Made in Italy, the designer's shoes stand out for their clean shapes and the motto “more quality and less quantity”.

A passe-partout are the kitten heels. In fact they can be worn with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt; combined with a black tailored trousers and a silk shirt, they immediately create pure elegance. Among the most interesting, in the circle of contemporary brands, there are those of Les Jeux Du Marquis, an all-Italian brand, it comes from Fermo, founded in 2012 by Emanuele Coppari. The production is entirely from the Marche region and thanks to the made in Italy it is able to create hyper- feminine shoes of the highest quality. The number one goal of the brand is to make the female become (and feel) a goddess of contemporaneity. The Marquissima Swallow Pump model is a version suitable for the woman of our century, inspired by the historical model from which many draw inspiration: the Roger Vivier Belle Vivier décolleté. Moreover, something must be drawn from the masters.