The typically Italian manufacture of the new clothing brandAC9, finalist of the project scouting Who Is On Next? 2020, is contained in a minimal and clean design.

Made in Italy meets clean cuts and fluid silhouettes, which dress the woman's body enhancing its naturalness. Freedom of movement and expression goes through linear and simple, but intriguing collections. Femininity is reinterpreted in a modern key, created according to a new stylistic code made of asymmetries, necklines on the back and a winning seductive practical elegance.

beige ac9 maxi dress
black mini dress ac9

AC9 as Alfredo Cortese, founder and designer, and his lucky number. A brand born in 2019 with the Spring/Summer 2020 collection and which has made people speak (well) about themselves from the beginning. In a path of subtraction and search for beauty in essentiality, AC9 finds in the basic garments of the classic wardrobe the white sheet on which to write new stories. To wear.

No redundancy or too much detail but everything and only what is enough to transform a dress into the right dress. Seasonality, the occasion of use, the exhibitionism of the logo vanish in the name of purity, shape, structure... of a disarming simplicity.

blue ac9 mini dress
blue ac9 maxi dress blu

Minimalism and subtraction are reflected not only on the sartorial fit but also on the use of fabrics and on the careful choice of colors, obviously in number and not in quality. There are twelve clothes in the Spring/Summer 2020 collection, three iconic colors and one material. Casual, versatile, seductive the garments that bear the name and fabric AC9 are tinged with black ink, indigo blue, sand. The only fabric allowed? A fluid mix of cupro and nylon that goes well with the contemporary elegance of the brand that winks at practicality. Clothes become a container of themselves: each dress can be folded up in its right pocket.

beige ac9 maxi dress
black ac9 maxi dress

Contemporaryity lives between romanticism and futurism. Discover AC9!