Behind the brand Alienina, born in 2009, there is Eliana Venier, an Italian designer who decided to break the mold going to create a line of jewelry with recycled materials. Eliana decide to launch its own brand Alienina after five years of work between Milan and Barcelona for various fashion houses. The intention is to break the mold, creating jewelry with materials of no value, recycled materials to which she wants to give new life. Here's how Eliana describes:

"Nomadic contemporary, pilgrim of art, victim of the moon, lover of sunflowers and old bags, collector of ideas, thief cobs, stubborn reader"

From unusual materials like ropes boat and climbing, cotton wicks for oil lamps, belts for roller shutters, nylon ropes, rubber tubes, are born the creations Alienina: necklaces and bracelets, details that disrupt and redefine the style, the accessories which become protagonists, accessories with the originality that distinguishes them. Bijioux that are created from waste materials by recycling and that fuse design and cutting edge with a technique that every time is reinvented or reinterpreted.

Necklaces and bracelets, unique pieces entirely hand-made which make it unique and sophisticated even the simplest outfit.

"My point of view is a bit 'alien from the concept of traditional fashion, hence the name of the brand. I would like to make it clear to people that have to look with new eyes what she has: before you throw something you have to consider how to give new attention, maybe turning it into something different "

Eliana Venier says it is vital the constant search for new materials in a creative whirlwind that will lead us, every time, to unexpected solutions and stunning. Alienina is respect for the environment, craftsmanship, uniqueness, design. For info