The colors, the great attention to the environment and nature, the experimentation of always new ideas and materials. The new En Plein Air project designed by Ambra Castello plunges us into an almost fairytale journey, where the romance and enchantment of fairy tales meet the beauty of the most contemporary design. Between splashes of color and upcycling, the brand new exclusive and handmade in Italy headbands by Ambra Castello are born.

With this capsule, the founder and designer of the brand reinterprets one of the accessories symbol of femininity and today more than ever at the apex of the latest trends, making it with her own style a truly unique and unrepeatable piece. Ambra Castello's headbands are handmade in Sicily with handcrafted fabrics and paintings. No one is alike.

The tradition, innovation and eco-sustainability that have always distinguished the Ambra Castello brand are also present in its headbands that choose as raw material recycled fabrics from discarded garments now reused in a fresh and new way. Organza, nylon flowers, fabrics and hand-painted leather... the preciousness of a truly exclusive piece in a single accessory.

Those who choose to wear a creation designed and created by Ambra Castello are therefore not just following a trend but a true philosophy. Siding against mass production, the emerging Italian brand overcomes homologation, supporting the environment and those who have the courage to oppose mass homologation.

From the most romantic variants, with flowers sewn one by one by hand, to the soft lightness of organza or the famous maxi and rounded model made famous in the past by many style icons such as Brigitte Bardot, Grace Kelly or Jackie Kennedy, the Ambra Castello are perfect for making your looks more elegant and original. An advice? Wear them with your hair down for days or combine them with a soft updo, like a braid or bun, for your special dates. What are you waiting for? Discover all the Ambra Castello headbands and choose your favorite!