AnimadVerte is first and foremost an idea, a philosophy that leads the soul to turn to the past and then propose it, enhanced, according to a new vision and contemporary. Reclaiming ancient craft Italian traditions , AnimadVerte enhances the precious leather from Tuscany, tanned, working it with raw cuts and seams in the foreground in a style essential but unconventional. Bags made following strict geometric patterns designed to make each bag convertible and versatile.

AnimadVerte is a young brand launched in January 2015 by Laura Tolfo, thirty years born in Bergamo. Already while studying Fashion Design at the Politecnico di Milano, Laura Tolfo collaborates with Ok'am by Daniela Gregis. After completing her studies, after important experiences including an editorial project for Nanni Strada, Laura Tolfo worked for two years as a designer from Luri . In this context, between handbags and jewelry, she grows in her the passion for leather, ancient material, flexible, durable. Laura Tolfo is dedicated to working of leather with multiple techniques, experiments that lead the designer to create a personal line that is called AnimadVerte, from the Latin "to turn the mind, observe".

AnimadVerte's brand was presented in September in the Inside area on White in Milan with the collection Poliedrica. A line of bags practical and functional, featuring a hand-crafted and made with materials made in Italy, rendered unique by a deconstructed geometry made of folds and cuts that allow the transformation and even a folding flat space-saving, perfect for traveling . Three models are offered: Prisma, soft and large, to be used as a backpack, shoulder bag or clutch bag; Cubus, a triangle that becomes cube, and clutch; Pyramis, a clutch incredibly unique. We are pleasantly surprised and conquered by AnimadVerte ... what do you think?

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