Artist Jewels: the story of contemporary jewelery. Born in 2013, Artistar Jewels is a really "valuable project." Yearly showcase for brands, but also a starting point for emerging industry realities, Artistar Jewels continues to add names and profiles every year to its history, enriching it more and more. But waiting to know which of the most innovative future artists of Artistar Jewels 2018, from 22 to 25 February at Palazzo Giureconsulti in Milan, let's take a step back, a jump in the past.Already with the first edition the winning formula was found. The main objective was and has been to shorten distances between artists and audiences from the beginning, to spread their handicraft creations and to form a dynamic network of contacts that would make it possible to meet and collaborate with the parties. Jewelery selected for the contest have always been unique pieces, real works of art as witnessed by the various award-winning ideas. For Artistar Jewels 2015, in the goldsmith category, both Wu Ching Chih was chosen, noted for an absolutely original and romantic mix of materials from different ages, and Lionel Theodore Dean, avant-garde in 3D printing and attentive to packaging choice.As a best designer, Marjke De Goey, distinguished for his modern production techniques, and for research and craftsmanship, has come to the jewelery of Julia Toledo and Catrie. Artistar Jewels 2016 opens another new chapter. The location chosen was really special as the event took place within the HOMI, the lifestyle lounge. But not only. Also the method of judgment was absolutely unexpected: voting was not a closed jury of experts but the same users who could register for free on the page and decree their favorite. And the winning brands were Leonardi Emanuele with the Destini ring, Artefatto with the Melograno ring - the myth of Persephone and Angela Malhues Torres with the Healing necklace.Artistar Jewels 2017 was the year of another three interesting discoveries: the Russian Evgeniia Balashova who presented Buffer Bangle, a combination of flowing organic shapes and a geometric frame. A contrast of opposites that shows a chaos organized as the environment of an office. The organic elements of the workpiece were recycled from the hinges of the computer keyboard and were then coated with silver. Another winner Anna Maria Pitt with Backbone, intricate jewel made of silver inspired by vertebrae of wild reindeer. The Backbone necklace is assembled in cold, connecting twenty-two separate parts emulating the spinal structure of the animals and creating a spiral that fuses shape and functionality. Another discovery Emanuele Leonardi with leather, bronze and wood necklace Valutazione del Rischio. So many designers, more creativity. Artist Jewels: ahead of the next !!!