Season change, wardrobe change. Holidays are now a distant memory and, together with the usual routine, Fall has officially begun. But how to dress in this "mid-season"? If you are looking for ideas, keep reading this special post dedicated to style tips, must-haves and iconic pieces that we can't wait to wear: Back to Fall!

"And now what do I wear?": here it is the classic question that assails us every morning, and above all at every change of season. Colors, silhouettes, accessories, heels yes or no heels... trends change quickly but the rules of style don't: yes, because the elegance, attitude and ease with which a garment is worn is independent of seasons and collections. Before wearing any garment or accessory just because it is trendy, always ask yourself if it respects your style or not and if it reflects your personality.

Looks, garments, moods, accessories: for you, a special selection of our Fall musts: discover them, choose them and wear them with the right style ... yours! So are you ready? Back to Fall!

One of the Essentials of this Fall will be color. Decisive and bold like green, magenta, blue, purple, teal but also warm and intense like brown, honey, dark brown or soft like cream and white. A varied but above all colorful palette that continues to shine despite the arrival of the colder season.

Among the must-haves of the season, in addition to the intensity and elegance of the single-color looks, there are also prints: one of them is tartan. A timeless icon that evolves with the new collections never losing its (very stylish!) British touch! Cigarette trousers, coats, maxi skirts, tailored suits are reinterpreted with contemporary tartan prints that experiment with new sizes, textures and new color palettes.


Maxi cardigans, comfy chic sweaters, very warm turtlenecks are mixed with glam pieces such as elegant trousers or satin skirts: shapes, styles and textures are mixed for a unique and exclusive result. And if you don't know which outerwear to wear this Fall, don't miss a colorful faux fur: super cool, it is a valid alternative to the coat to combine with more casual looks like the more elegant ones. Our favorites? Those colored and with oversized volumes!

But not just clothing: with the new season accessories also want to be updated. To create truly exclusive looks, bet on a beautiful bag: from the micro belt bag to be tightened at the waist on the coat to the iconic shoulder bag to the very soft leather handbag to carry by hand, don't forget to choose the color for bags too. To combine? A loafers for a sophisticated and vintage style, super sophisticated sneakers to keep up with the times and boots, boots, boots! Long leggings, ankle boots, with or without heels, black, camel, purple, white, green… and the more boots you have, the more you put on!


And don't forget to embellish your Fall outfits with jewels: chains, jewels with maxi coins with a vintage mood, large rings, long earrings, cascades of necklaces of different lengths to mix together. So are you ready? Back To Fall!

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