Shirt, a garment ancient yet timeless, a classic and timeless garment that Balossa White Shirt aims to reinvent distorting patterns with strong creative flair but retaining the features of comfort and elegance.
"The white shirt never fails to amaze me. It 'garment more practical, simple, sexy and relaxed there is whom I want to give a new life and a contemporary expression ..."Indra Kaffemanaite
Indra Kaffemanaite, creator of the brand, was born and raised in Lithuania in the years of the Soviet Union. Very young she has cultivated with true determination his passion for art tailoring, already twenty years she packaged clothes for Russian customers in its workshop. But this did not represent a milestone for Indra but a starting point, a confirmation of his natural talent, a springboard for his ambition. She decides to move to Italy for this to study in one of the most prestigious schools: that of Carlo Secoli, in Milan, the best-known institution for modellers. Then a year of Fashion Service, developing samples for the big names in fashion, such as Iceberg, Maurizio Pecoraro, Giambattista Valli and many others. In 2014, Indra launches its project Balossa White Shirt: starting from the concept of shirt and you find yourself in a design tailored made from basic elements.The cuts become irregular, the closures become openings, details are revolutionized, including techniques and origami pleating emerge interesting 3D effects in a game of perspectives that reveals the way to a new approach incredibly contemporary applied on most classic garments. Balossa shirt, made of stretch cottons Italian high quality in full compliance with the Made in Italy, but with asymmetrical details and bold shapes, maintains the versatility and practicality that characterizes it. A new point of view, for a woman always ready to get involved and to experience the vanguard of emerging designers styled visionary. For info