Blue, blue, blue and more blue! Whether it's cobalt, night, electric or navy, the color of the sea never ceases to enchant us. From casual to elegant, from clothing to accessories, our wardrobes are overwhelmed by a wave of blue.

A timeless color, a great classic, an evergreen (or rather everblue!). The tone of calm, balance, relaxation reassures our looks. A composed and regal tone, often used by those with blood… blue!

Elegant sheath dress, tote bags, eyewear, shirts. Ultra flat ballet flats, sensual stiletto pumps, handmade clutches and bags, exclusive jewels and of course blue!

Trends prefer it worn from head to toe, even for sleeping, with total outfits that wink at truly sophisticated elegance. But not only! Vibrant plays of color, prints or combinations that have made the history of fashion (how is it possible to forget the blue + black combo of the great master Yves Saint Laurent?).

There are so many shades (of blue) and with these the many occasions in which to wear it. This color is in fact perfect in both formal and informal contexts: opt for a dark blue sheath or suit for the office, wear a vibrant electric blue blouse for a special date, green light for the total denim look for the weekend or your most casual looks.

But not only clothing: choose blue for your accessories too. Whether it's a beautiful pair of stiletto pumps, a maxi jewel or a handcrafted bag... don't hesitate and add a touch of blue to your looks! From the most intense and dark notes to the most delicate ones, this shade gives us elegance and brightness. A real touch of class and color!

And even if Yves Klein made it a famous, true work of art, let yourself be inspired by the nuances of this color and choose your blue. So are you ready to discover the blue garments and accessories that we love the most?