Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana (CNMI), supported by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation and by ICE Agenzia, announces the first edition of Milano Digital Fashion Week that will display Spring Summer 2021 mens wear and mens and womens wear pre-collections to a digital audience. A digital calendar of fashion shows, appointments, performances and cultural explorations scheduled from 14 to 17 July which will feature 37 brands including Sunnei, Numero 00, Gall, Federico Cina, Edithmarcel ...

A landmark antidote to uncertain, rapidly-evolving economic and cultural times, CNMI has transformed the “fashion show” universe into a virtual meeting space, where industry watchers and decision makers will be privy to the latest trends, as well as the most significant themes and pressing issues gripping the industry as we know it. Milano Digital Fashion Week will unfold in four days of live events and will be available 24/7, covering different time zones, including the USA, thanks to international news organization The New York Times, an official streaming partner of Milano Fashion Week. The lineup encompasses an effective calendar of structured live events in which each brand is assigned a one-hour time slot, and can choose, with complete creative freedom, how to tell the story of their latest collection.

Weaving together each event, will be a graphic space or thematic rooms which will be spearheaded by Art Director Luca Stoppini and will be curated by remarkable individuals. Key proponents of the current fashion arena, game-changers and visionaries have been invited to independently select content of all kinds, as long as they are linked to the most significant cultural phenomena of the moment. From sustainability, to the connection between craftsmanship and technological innovation, to inclusiveness and diversity — all key themes that have inspired CNMI’s strategies and that can therefore become the starting point of individual research and reflections.In addition, there will be two areas designated for emerging talents, which has always been a strategic priority for CNMI: the International Hub Market section, that scouts designers from all over the world to further enhance the global spirit of Milano Digital Fashion Week; and Together for Tomorrow, project launched in collaboration with Camera Moda Fashion Trust, that will be hosted by the portal to keep supporting a new generation of designers into the international fashion system, which has been rendered ever more arduous by this complex historic era. A section dedicated to mono and multi-brand showrooms will also come to life, with a hybrid formula that affords each participant the choice of whether or not to showcase to the general public, or to reserve the details of the collections to a few select professionals.

For info visit the official website Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana