Cecilia Capuano: gold, silver, stones dance harmoniously in stylish and original jewelry. The lightness follow their characters, nature is the muse of their representations. Rome, the cradle choice, the city of the house brand Cecilia Capuano, founded in 2011 by the homonymous designer.

A short walk from the Colosseum, in a landscape full of art, history and culture, is the showroom where every day the inspiration of Cecilia puts to the test, giving depth to her creativity. The passion for fashion evolves in the craftsmanship of jewellery.

After studying Fashion and Jewelry Design at the European Institute of Design, Cecilia understands that it is the dimension goldsmith her artistic alter ego. Through the technique of lost wax casting she creates sinuous jewelry, sweets in their corners, but decided in contemporary sculpture. The lines follow the nature, inspiring visions now transposed in the uniqueness of meticulously machined parts.

How precious poems the collections designed by Cecilia Capuano appear enveloped in a sophisticated contagious gracefulness. The sweetness of Primavera Onirica, where soft bracelets, necklaces and earrings are climbing on the body, becoming extensions of it, to the seduction of the Rinascimento di Spine where live, the two souls of the woman, her strength but also her femininity, in a triumph of stones and metal acrobatics.

As relics, treasures emerged from a deep sea are the elements of Salir di Mare, even more important because apparently worn by the waves and the heat of the sun, rounded, not net they accompany female beauty.

Woven and processed are the pieces of Pizzo di Venezia, where the metal textures seem to follow the seam of this traditional Venetian workmanship, while the freedom is the focus of Battito d'Ali capsules where the perimeters are graceful but strong in the call of nature. Visions, feelings enclosed in the purity of a jewel so alive in aesthetics but in essence button. Its essence. Cecilia Capuano. For info ceciliacapuano.com

Giulia Fucile