Art, beauty, fashion. Wearing Chiara Pierrot’s clothes is like diving into an enchanting creative process that gives one the opportunity to wear the magic and the excitement of an idea that from concept becomes reality.

chiara perrot total look with white printed crop top and orange midi skirt
total look chiara perrot with gold blouse and white palazzo pants

The architect and designer Chiara Perrot, with the new Fall/Winter 2020-21 collection, writes another chapter in the history of her brand. The clean image and minimal design that have always distinguished its continue as a common thread to walk the shapes of her garments, joining the research and experimentation of raw materials. The volumes are enriched with precious decorations and workmanship while the fabrics experiment with handmade paintings and exclusive prints.

total look chiara perrot with black blouse with maxi flower and white palazzo pants
Chiara Perrot orange mini dress with black embroidered flowers

A fresh and contemporary brand that knows how to understand the needs of women and dress her in its infinite facets. Without squeezing her or hiding her in uncomfortable silhouettes but leaving the women free to express herself even through what she wears. Free to be able to dare with color, but to also be able to dress in exclusive total black, to play with the lengths of the dresses, to choose the maxi skirt today and the palazzo pants tomorrow. A constant brand in its style, infinite in its creativity.

A romantic, feminine and at the same time sensual soul peeps out in Chiara Perrot's Fall/Winter 2020-21 collection, among mini dresses in vitamin colors, sky-colored dresses, flashes of lurex, the purity of total white outfits, the queen elegance of black declined in a long dress for the evening. The cuts of the jackets and trousers look to the East, the dresses play and build volumes while fabric flowers bloom and enchant.

chiara perrot black maxi dress with black flowers applied
chiara perrot black total look with flower blouse and black palazzo pants

Chiara Perrot's Fall/Winter 2020-21 collection is energy, beauty, charm. The manufacture of made in Italy garments renews the link with the roots and the Neapolitan sartorial tradition while design explores the contemporary.

Discover the new Chiara Perrot Fall/Winter 2020-21 collection.

chiara perrot light blue midi dress with orange belt
chiara perrot black maxi dress with orange belt