The designer Chiara Perrot, with her namesake brand, imagines and dresses women with elegance and style: the Spring/Summer 2022 collection is in fact a mix and match of garments full of charm, quality and functionality.

A fresh wardrobe, designed for a woman who wants to find the right dress in her wardrobe every day, without sacrificing practicality. Feminine, unconventional and with a strong personality, Chiara Perrot's Spring/Summer 2022 collection re-elaborates must-haves and iconic garments with its own style.

The inspiration is twofold: the return to nature, to quiet, on the one hand; the journey, the magic of uncontaminated places, exotic landscapes, "cosmic" animals, on the other. It is from here, from this double inspiration, that the title of the collection comes to life: The imaginary country or The cosmic animal.

midi printed dress Alessandro De Benedetti
white eremo shoulder bag
sneakers emanuelle vee


Each garment is exclusive, with attention to every single detail: the captivating design never goes without a long and careful search for the fabric, always and only of excellent quality. The fabrics are in fact mainly natural fibers: linen, cotton and GOTS muslin embellished with exclusive graphics that evoke exotic landscapes and "cosmic animals".

The lightness of the fabrics is combined with the choice of a color palette that also evokes nature, from green to blue, from beige to natural white. For the graphics the protagonist is instead the white rhino, called by Salvador Dalí "cosmic animal". In her wonderful garments, Chiara Perrot, has in fact graphically represented the mother and the son, dedicating this collection to the last two Northern white rhinos left alive, Najin and Fatu, also their mother and daughter, kept safe in the Nature Reserve of Ol Pejeta in East Africa.

With Spring/Summer 2022, the brand launches for the first time a mini capsule of leather bags, four elements, a hatbox, a bucket, a trunk and a medium-large shopping bag with a contemporary design in line with the mood of the collection. example of the great mastery of Neapolitan leather goods. Discover the entire collection now, available on

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