90s Novel is the name chosen by the young made in Italy brand Chimera Sleepwear for its new FW 2022-23 collection. The 90s become a source of inspiration for unique and eco-conscious creations. Vaporwave, movie posters, old technology and Beverly Hills lead the new collection made up of eleven pieces made of upcycled fabrics: all the names of the garments, in fact, recall singers or stars of the 90s such as the famous TLC and Spice Girls.


At the base, sustainability and awareness. Also with the new FW 22-23 90s Novel collection, Chimera reconfirms itself as a circular brand. From abandoned fabrics to company waste and leftovers, the Tuscan brand creates new style solutions: top quality sleepwear with tops, pajama sets, culottes, garments intended for loungewear.

Cult revisited according to the taste and style of Chimera Sleepwear, a fresh and contemporary reality, strong in creating pieces destined to last over time. Think from design to manufacturing to last over time.

Every single garment is made in Tuscany, home of the brand, choosing a local and artisanal production like small artisan workshops. The upcycling and reuse of raw materials never loses sight of high quality: among the most used fabrics, fine silk, cotton chenille, cannètté cottons, plush and the addition in this collection of a totally new fabric green, tencel.


Alongside the iconic comfy sets made up of tank tops and culottes, we find the exclusive Regina turtleneck sweatshirt to match with Cloe flared trousers for a glam and trendy combo. Very elegant is the plum pink slip dress with gray Victoria piping to be worn alone or with its coordinated Geri wrap. Do you love over volumes? Then you can't miss the Christy maxi shirt to match with the Kat long boxer: an easy chic, versatile and exclusive set, in a beautiful blue.

"Uniqueness is your power": choose to wear the unique items of the eco-conscious brand Chimera Sleepwear and immediately discover its entire new FW 22-23 collection.