COLLANEvrosi is a play on words, it’s true. But it’s also a brand of jewellery that really makes a difference. It is the difference. Using the most unusual and unthought-of materials, the talented jewellery designer Lodovica Fusco manages to produce some true masterpieces, in item and in style. Unique objects with a contemporary design that through materials and production techniques references Nature, time and the world that surrounds us. Wood, sea sponge, resin - materials foreign to classic jewellery begin to enter the scene with COLLANEvrosi. Unprecedented dialogues between body and accessory, harmonious combinations that strike for inspiration and experimentation.Lodovica Fusco from Trieste is from the show business sector, however at the same time is a member of several courses in the Fashion sector. In 2012, after various experiences in clothing companies and a period working with specialised glass jewellery, Lodovica decided to create something more precious to her, her own brand. It’s a young brand that is dynamic and diverse but loyal at heart in its production, discerning to the beauty and wisdom of its Italian handcraft that our Made in Italy has already handed down for generations.In the lightness of the wood, the softness of the sponge but also the roughness of the concrete, along with the versatility of the leather and brass, eclectic and unconventional, the COLLANEvrosi accessories find their balance in a game of weights, dimensions and contrasts, that sweep from slanted, irregular forms that recall Nature even up to the minimal contemporary geometries as in the latest designs from the collection Tube. Necklaces, rings, bracelets, brooches, all sport fine lines that alternate with fuller spaces in a simplicity that triumph for their refinedness. The chromatic choices are dictated by the materials themselves: gold-plated brass that dresses the body with a subtle elegance. COLLANEvrosi is all of this, and indeed much more. Discover here all of the new collection Tube and choose your COLLANEvrosi jewellery.