Back to college! Like every must, even the college style is back (indeed it has never gone away) in looks and wardrobes. From the shirt with the bow to the knit vest up to shoulder bags and loafers, the college style is confirmed as one of the most popular ever.

Is it because its elegance is so chic but comfortable at the same time? Sure… but not only! Yes, because what makes it an iconic style is not only its charm but also its long history.


In fact, the college style was born a long time ago in university contexts, or rather it originates on the campuses of the most famous universities in the United States, located on the East Coast, the Ivy League.

A sporty-chic mood that mixes tailored and elegant garments, often men's inspired, with pieces with a relaxed attitude borrowed from the world of sport. More than a look, the college style has established itself since the 1950s as a real dress code: from the exclusivity of the first preppy or ivy style, from which it was born, reserved only for wealthy white students, to the strength of a trend that evolves, changes, unites.

Among the key pieces of the college style there are different garments and accessories, perfect in their mix. From loafers, worn with white or thick socks, to the elegance of the cardigan or knit vest to match with shirts or polo shirts. Tailored blazer are a must, preferred in check, tartan or tweed fabrics, to be worn with high-waisted straight trousers or jeans or a beautiful pleated miniskirt.

Another college style must-have? The bomber jacket: oversized and sporty, it creates a perfect balance game with the bon ton of bows, shirts, embroidered letters, hairbands and shoulder bags.

So are you ready to wear perfect college style outfits? Follow our tips, immediately discover the made in Italy garments and accessories created by emerging designers and brands and have fun creating your next look!