Damiano Marini, a name that could not miss among Who Is On Next? 2017 finalists! Deluxe materials, cutting-edge leather, straps, laces and buckles are just some of the ingredients of the secret recipe signed by shoe designer Damiano Marini. And even if you are not looking for a single, trivial crystal shoe but a unique, stunning wardrobe, this is exactly the brand that's right for you.Not even a degree in economics could stop the young talent Damiano Marini who decided not to leave in the drawer of his dream and attend the Fashion Designer and Pattern Maker of San Mauro Pascoli Footwear. After collaborations with major fashion brands in the industry such as Casadei, in 2015 he launched his eponymous label Damiano Marini footwear. A sign, or rather a distinctive mark to draw a woman always perfect from head to foot. Among the names of the most successful "Who Is On Next? 2017" finalists, Damiano Marini represents contemporary femininity, the desire to feel elegant and fun at the same time, original but never excessive.Decolletè revisited in key trendy, edgy ankle boots, gladiator sandals but also practical mules or loafers continue to astonish season after season. And even the collection Spring - Summer 2017, the mirrored skin, fine leathers, exclusive workmanship, embroidery and explosive color palette are certainly not hard to conquer.From the intensity of red and orange to yellow splashes, from black elegance to gold brightness, Damiano Marini shoes do not miss a shot, or maybe a step. Geometric engagements, amazing color games and craftsmanship typically made in Italy make the Damiano Marini creations small real sculptures to wear. To never go unnoticed, up or down the heels ... Damiano Marini! For info www.damianomarini.it