Daniela Vanni? In one name, one story and one brand, all is to be discovered. Versatile, innovative and transformable, in just one simple click the bag, or rather, flap, gets changed! Thanks to a patented system that consists of two twin parts, the bag can “change its face” in few movements, with a choice between many tones and colours. It’s a surprising intuition that manages to mix the right dose of avant-garde and hand manufacture, offering the possibility of transforming and personalising our own accessory whenever we choose. This is a bag with character that brings together simplicity and minimalist forms with variety and personalisation.Daniela Vanni is a lawyer, a designer, and a very successful woman. Since childhood, fashion and the world of accessories have been her passions, enough so that in 2014 she debuted in the fashion system with a brand of bags that carries her name. She creates exclusive products, made from fine leather and carefully manufactured with refined elegance. The combinations of textures and shades explore creativity with good taste and originality.The entire production process is left to expert master craftsmen of the exclusive Italian supply chain, especially those of Tuscany and Florence, which are the birthplaces of the stylist and also of excellent leather goods. Invented for a determined woman that desires to distinguish herself, Daniela Vanni’s bags strike us with their beauty and further, their commodity! From the clutch design that charms when carried by hand just as much as in the shoulder-bag version, both offering the enjoyment of the “flap change”, to the large-capacity shopper Bonnie and the shoulder bag Cuba, everything is well-researched and is the fruit of a creative project that cares as much about aesthetics as about its substance.Luxury, elegance, femininity. The fascination of an ageless style is enclosed in innovative designs. It’s said that the devil is in the details, and it’s exactly true. With fringing, lucent pieces, pearls, plexiglass, metallic effects, suede and much more, the experimentation and combination of nuances consistently brings life to new and unprecedented things. Revolutionalise your style, change your bag and... choose your Daniela Vanni bag here!