Davide Grillo: a deep love for art, eclectic inspirations, fantastic visions. The brand founded in 2016 by the same name Davide Grillo advances in a way its flag of tradition, reworking in contemporary fashion an unmistakably Italian craftsmanship.The Parma Fashion Institute, the Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in London, the Nafa Fur Studio in Toronto are just some of the stages that marked the young designer Davide Grillo, class 1993. And then The diploma with praise, the "tailoring tricks" learned in the small workshops of Parma, the victory of the contest "Riccione Moda Italia", work as a designer by Pinko. But his unstoppable desire to know, his omnivorous style inspired him further to create, after the evening fashion design at the European Design Institute , the professional experience of Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda, the presence of Next Generation winners and among the finalists of Who Is On Next?2017, his most heard project, his representative brand: Davide Grillo.Handmade, poetic, unique. Daughters of exclusive fabrics and elaborate techniques, the creatures signed by Davide Grillo are that nostalgia pinch, the charm of the ladies of the '400, the charm of the nymphs, the imagination of Hellenistic myths. Like a romantic goddess, the woman dressed in Davide Grillo is fluctuating. In history, in space. So feminine as a princess of past times, so modern in the measured elegance, in contemporary cuts. Attentive research on matter, attention to detail and creative processes draws silhouettes to its space, its size.Memories of the past, transpositions of the future. And for "Collection 0", the first true whole collection, the Spring - Summer 2017, lightness is the protagonist. Gentle Muse moves to the rhythm of transparencies, wearing women's underwear clothes, robbery underwear, long slipped clothes. Pink, celestial powder, light yellow marry with volant details, soft curls, color brush strokes, hints of floral fantasies that evoke China. Nothing is structured, nothing is defined, nothing is heavy. Only beauty, so much beauty. For info davidegrillo.eu