Demanumea combines art, design, passion into an exclusive brand of luxury handbags. There are nor seasons nor collections because the Demanumea bags are true works of art and as such unique pieces not replicable.

Ten models of bags, with a minimal form, become the base for the creativity of designers, artists, sculptors, painters, embroiderers, goldsmiths. Precious leather of Italian origin and selected materials are handcrafted giving life to unique creations sold in the best art galleries and in selected stores as well as online on the site

Demanumea was created to satisfy the desires of those who want to stand out with exclusive products and certified that tell a story, a unique experience. Each Demanumea 's product has inside a plate in palladium which is declared the article number, the name of the work and the artist signature that created this. Here is the team of young artists: Davide Monaldi, Matteo Benassi, Monica Salinelli, Sabrina Di Tora,Gianluca Staffolani, Uwe Pfaff, Nicola Alessandrini.

Interesting initiative that Demanumea has reserved for students of the Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna: a contest for the creation of works of art intended for customization of luxury handbags. They will see, therefore, the development of their projects in the coming months these six young creatives: Daniele Tamburro, Tommaso Basso, Marica Pelliconi, Valli Virna, Angelica Cicognani, Victor Fotsonyie.

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