Domenico Cioffi : experience, experience, experience. This is the philosophy of the brand Domenico Cioffi that creates minimal but also pop clothes, where graphic and geometric elements range on sophisticated cuts, on a abstraction that travels fast, 2.0

Young Neapolitan fashion designers, Domenico Cioffi graduated in 2009 at the European Institute of Design in Roma, after collaborating with international brands and creating clothing or accessories.But in 2012 Domenico Cioffi puts a point, yes, but the beginning: the result is a new brand, its namesake brand.

Divided among Amsterdam and Napoli, Domenico reaps up lots of art in all its versatility, reworking and sewing it between the wires of an aesthetics essential, Nordic, moved and stirred, however, by warm and colorful Mediterranean visions. Fine fabrics are mixed with innovative, new materials, rigid forms to structured clothes for an eclectic product but recognizable in its typicality.

And in the Spring - Summer 2017 collection, the woman Domenico Cioffi wears a romantic futurism, made of light as a precision, of bowes but also engravings. Flowing skirts alternate with rigid mini dress or crop top, soft dresses alternate with crisp detail, strong in the uniqueness of their character.

Metallic shimmering meet the minimalism of black, the purity of white, femininity red, arriving at the timidity of a powder but now declined in a strong PVC. For an atypical beauty, curious, daring. Inspired, thought to the future: Domenico Cioffi. For info