With Edmos by Filippo Fanini the future has a new skin! From the secrets of the artisan tradition to the most contemporary experiments, Filippo Fanini Filippo Fanini is rediscovered in a new generation, or rather, regeneration style.Heir to the basic tricks of the trade, stolen eyes and not only, in the renowned family business Glory Snc since 1986 specialist in Umbria in the production of luxury leather clothing, Filippo Fanini studied at Fashion Design and then Advanced Fashion Design at Polimoda Of Florence, emerging so much for talent and talent to become teachers here. After a collaboration with the famous brand Salvatore Ferragamo, Filippo Fanini decided to invest his visionary conceptions on fashion in a whole project, launching in 2014 the innovative and homonymous brand. Collection after collection, both man and woman, each piece differs for uniqueness and avant-garde with volumes and techniques that challenge tomorrow, anticipate it, dress it. From clothing accessories everything is new, unpublished, never seen. Symptom of creativity without frontiers, made of form and substance. The quality of the materials and above all the skin, the soul of the brand, combines with a sophisticated design, with an evolved aesthetics.But the true revolution,signed by Filippo Fanini is certainly Edmos. Son of a winning insight of the designer, the Edmos patent is a distinctive mark, not just that element but the actual difference. The waste is not the end but the beginning: the many unused leather pieces become the fabric of other, other, absolutely sustainable creations. In the last Fall-Winter 2017/18 collection the discovery of modern lines continues with the raw material to be the red thread of a capsule that pushes far beyond the conventions. Backpacks, handbags and pouches, typical of their size, strong in comforting but free, wandering beauty. Nature binds to surrealistic landscapes, a source for engaging textures and metallic colors, vibrant like turquoise, gold, silver, black and copper. The tailoring is sharp, the obvious dynamism, Edmos is ... "smart luxury leather". You can buy Edmos HERE. For info www.edmos.it