Freedom, creativity, experimentation: is this who taught Elio Fiorucci, innovative designers with great enthusiasm that has revolutionized the Italian fashion twisting it with a playful style and sometimes irreverent.

Milan, the son of a merchant of slippers, his first intuition was to transform galoshes into fun boots colored plastic. Strongly influenced by a trip to London has introduced in the mid '60s street style in Italy. A rebellion against the composed elegance expressed through the launch, in 1970, the brand Fiorucci, a blend of pop culture and Italian tailoring. A success that after a few years allows Elio Fiorucci to open a concept store in New York that becomes a place of attraction for artists such as Andy Warhol, Truman Capote, Madonna, Keith Haring. And Keith Haring oversaw the renovation of the store in Milan with his graffiti.

A growing success which sees the opening of stores in Hong Kong, Sydney, Tokyo but that incurs then, in the 90s, in great difficulties inducing Elio Fiorucci to sell the brand. A difficult choice but did not affect the exuberance and spirit of the great teacher who soon after launched the brand Love Therapy, a space marked by peace, love and creativity.

Elio Fiorucci, a cheerful personality, sparkling, joyful, positive that today greets us and we thank you very much for what he has given us.