Emanuele Bicocchi represents a different idea of preciousness, sophisticated and unique. From the far diamonds of Marilyn Monroe to the silver mesh woven, browned and the semiprecious stones Emanuele Bicocchi, innovative symbol of the meaning of the jewel. Bijoux worked and molded by hand, experimenting and retrying with patience and skill to create the best performance. To move the threads of this new conception of the jewel Emanuele Bicocchi.

Florentine, born in 1983, after the scientific maturity he approaches professionally to the world of jewelery collaborating, in this specific sector, with more fashion names such as Fendi. Actually in a goldsmith's workshop he was already grown, that of the mother, but only after high school he examines with interest and he recognizes this as its appropriate habitat, its future. After the encounter and the support of Giulia Diamanti, life companion, in 2010 he gives way to its namesake brand Emanuele Bicocchi, also counting on the artistic contribution of Gino Diamanti.

In his creations is perceived immediately a clear style, an aesthetic dynamic and passionate which concerns a well-defined brand identity and recognizable. Mixture of several elements, of amalgamating styles ranging from punk, to rock and gothic. Her jewelry seem to dress mysterious characters wrapped in an aura deep, tormented.

Crosses, pendants, necklaces, bracelets, braided silver mesh. geometric rings designed and architected on stones. Taste genderless, hybrid now deleted segmentation ways. The woman becomes more gentle, but always the warrior princess, illuminated by bright floral or star motifs.

Mounted stones, bright tears, declined in necklaces or earrings evident Earcuff, seductive cascade of wires for a lovely headbands. Shapes and compositions cured in every detail, metals dumb communicating visions. Jewels that become an expression of a state of mind, a way of being sophisticated and unconventional. For info http://www.emanuelebicocchi.com/

Giulia Fucile