Design, style, research: finding a few words to describe a brand that makes such exclusive creations is impossible. Fili Pari, a young 100% made in Italy label, promotes and develops a fashion that goes beyond, that experiments, that stops at nothing. Not even in front of the most unthinkable materials.

In fact, Fili Pari has made marble wearable, giving it a new shape and function: with skill and talent, the label has in fact patented an innovative fabric produced with marble powders or MARM\MORE®

Since 2014, the year the brand was founded, Fili Pari has been researching and giving a new interpretation to the traditional concept of fashion, starting from the study of fibers and materials. The brand creates new connections and new balances, between people and the environment, with an eye that is always attentive, indeed very attentive to sustainability.

midi printed dress Alessandro De Benedetti
white eremo shoulder bag
sneakers emanuelle vee


Trench coats, jackets, but also skirts: Fili Pari designs and creates collections for a woman who is eager for unique and high-end products. The simple and minimal lines design garments characterized by a timeless and always fashionable beauty. The concept of trend is therefore surpassed by the must, by the icon, which wants to be worn and re-worn over the years.

The heart of the Fili Pari project is certainly innovation
: the brand chooses highly innovative materials for its garments, combining renowned Italian manufacturing with style and research. The great innovation brought directly into the wardrobe of every woman who chooses and wears Fili Pari is certainly MARM\MORE®, the only fabric in the world made with real marble powder.

Fili Pari has therefore transformed marble into a light, soft and comfortable material to wear. The garments are so fashionable, trendy but also functional as they are waterproof, resistant, fireproof and windproof. The marble powder, at the base of each garment, gives a completely natural color as well as unique aesthetic characteristics: the best marbles of the Italian industries are selected and used to create the Fili Pari collections.

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The brand's collections are entirely made in Italy: artisan know-how, research, fashion and technology are sewn together in exclusive and unique creations in the world. Discover all the Fili Pari items and immediately choose the innovation, style and beauty of Made in Italy.