Primordial evocations, sometimes exotic, distinguished jewelry created by young designers Flaminia Barosini. This inspiration comes from a wild and intriguing, an inspiration that comes to life through non-noble metals such as brass, silver, bronze, oxidized and worked with the ancient technique of wax.

Flaminia Barosini, born in Rome twenty-eight years ago, after graduating in Jewellery Design at the European Institute of Design, she then attended the Central Saint Martins College of Arts & Design. In 2012 creates the Irregular collection, followed by Second Skin. Small sculptures born from a strong passion and a dedication extraordinary when it is clear the manual workmanship that makes every single precious jewel. In July 2014 comes the third collection, Creepers, where polychrome enamel, leather and precious stones are interwoven with original shapes created with metals.

"I do not just observe what surrounds me - says Flaminia - I try to fix in mind what strikes me taking photos that allow me to always have before their eyes objects, colors and materials appealing. The forms that I give to my jewelry is the result of a personal revision of these images and sensations that provoke in me. The materials and techniques that I use have a clear link with nature "Flaminia Barosini, an emerging brand of jewelry that is sure to become excellence of Made in Italy continues to seduce with its refined and unique sculptural works.

All collections by Flaminia Barosini follow a unique, instantly recognizable, which sees the meeting of imperfect forms, organic elements, fine leather in a wonderful creative universe, a universe made fascinating by the feelings evoked by these small sculptures: claws, reptiles, fibers, rods, rough and porous structures lead us into uncharted and mysterious places and evoke all the powerful beauty of nature.

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