The flying jacket, project by Andrea Folgosa, is the protagonist of the campaign on Kickstarter began March 24 and will end on April 29, 2016. It is a model of jacket for women that combines aesthetics and practicality, pleasure to wear in every corner of the world, characterized by a unique blend of sports and fashion, fantasy and technology. A jacket as timeless as only know how to be useful and beautiful things simply.

Obfashion presents Folgosa -The flying jacket

Andrea Folgosa Martí, born in Spain, she follows her vocation outdoor in the fashion world began to design and produce, in Barcelona, the Green Place line dedicated exclusively to golf enthusiasts. A success followed by years of work at Marithè & Francois Girbaud and then moved to Italy, Progetto Moda, Esprit de Corp, Blow Up, Kalik. By working with Aero Sekur that produces parachutes and space technology, Andrea begins to approach her personal dream: to produce jackets for women who move fast and always elegant. Draw a first successful jacket and begins its independent path that now bears her at Folgosa brand and its "The flying jacket".

Obfashion presents Folgosa The flying jacket

The first model of The flying jacket is characterized by elegant and feminine forms and a really innovative fabric, performing and sustainable: the Corkshell ™. Its basic properties are a perfect protection against cold, against wind and against water, a high level of breathability and elasticity, an extreme lightness and softness which guarantee the maximum comfort. In case of success of the campaign on Kickstarter, supporters, depending on the amount of the contribution, will receive a thank you gift. If you too want to be part of this ambitious success click HERE