Francesca Rainoldi: in one piece more functions, in a single bag four shades to be bag, Alea Bag. In the cleaning of the single-product geometries designed and launched by the young designer Francesca Rainoldi, Alea Bag, it hides the strength of the concept of versatility: from shoulder, handbag, to backpack in two versions.

In regulating handles the secret of a successful accessory ready to wear different clothes with small but successful tricks. Founded in 2015, the label Francesca Rainoldi is the correct answer to all questions posed by an ever-changing market, smart and increasingly multitasking.

Faithful to the Made in Italy, the excellent quality of raw materials and their processing, Francesca Rainoldi brings so in her journey to the fashion of an enriched tomorrow luggage of experience and tradition, but eager to get quickly in urban destination of innovation.

Backed by a training course at Central Saint Martins School in London, with courses in photography, illustration and design, at nineteen Francesca returns to Rome to study as Fashion Editor at IED. Alea Bag is her intuition, the turning point that sees the creative talent of Francesca materialize an object capable of keeping up with the trends, response to a contemporary question.

The smoothness of the leather, the essential shapes make Francesca Rainoldi bags a perfect accessory in every situation, it can cross as its target audience. Nothing somersaults, or spectacular adventures. The charm is in the simplicity ... Francesca Rainoldi! For info

Giulia Fucile