Creativity, experimentation and customization: these are the elements that represent the individuality of the young designer Giorgia Baiocco. Unpredictable shapes, daring combinations of different materials and color accents to outline bags finely handcrafted with noble Tuscan leathers processed in an ancient and prestigious workshop in Rome following the strict dictates of the best Made in Italy.

Giorgia Baiocco, born in 1987, she has always lived the fashion world and already as a child he was breathing the charm in the tailoring of the grandparents, in the heart of Rome. After high school he studied at the Academy of Haute Couture Koefia and in July 2010 he earned the title of "Fashion Designer and Product Manager." In 2011 he attended a master as a model after which begins its path before working with the Atelier Gattinoni Haute Couture and later with the Valentino Haute Couture. In 2012 she left to pursue this path itself, creating the brand of the same name "Giorgia Baiocco".

A broad overview of innovative design: from the backpack in leather and tassel pleated bucket to burgundy calf leather, suede and nappa, the triangle-shaped leather bag to bag range with leather perforated purple in an explosion of creativity and design. Handicraft production also creates real unique pieces, leaving the customer to choose the favorite colors. Giorgia Baiocco, a name we will hear more and more often, has shown great stylistic maturity and a talent and strong tenacity and resourcefulness, through his creations sought after and exclusive, it is distinguishing for quality and originality. For info