Green is the new black! The color of sustainability, rebirth and hope becomes, with its brightest shades, the protagonist of clothing and accessory collections. Feminine maxi dresses, bright clutches, elegant printed scarves, handcrafted sunglasses, playful jewels...

As in ethics, green is confirmed as the absolute protagonist in aesthetics and colors your entire wardrobe: never as in this case, style and sustainability are mixed in a balanced color. In a message, in a fashion that looks to an increasingly green future.


Declined in a number of different shades, the color born from the union of yellow and blue expresses calm and harmony. From forest green to meadow green, from emerald to teal, it is perfect to wear in all four seasons. How to say... a true evergreen! This is thanks to its infinite nuances that make it sometimes cold, other times hot. 

But… how to wear it? Surely one of the most exclusive choices is that of the one-color: opt for tailored jackets and suits but also for soft maxi dresses for a refined, elegant and completely green result.

Not a lover of the total look? Then combine the range of neutrals such as nude, beige, cream or pink with more intense green while opting for purple or lilac in combo with emerald or bright green (a truly wonderful effect!). Another possibility? With both black and white, the brightest shades of green blend perfectly.

So... Forget famous popular sayings (“Whoever dresses in green in his beauty trusts too much”) and make your next outfits shine green. How? Discover now our evergreen selection of garments and accessories: obviously all precious and made in Italy!