A great cult for generations, hoop earrings illuminate the look and face with charm and style. In gold, silver, in maxi or very small shape, bold, with stones… Hoop earrings are today among the favorite jewels of women, in many different versions. Their sinuous shape frames the face: without limits to creativity and reinterpretation, the new made in Italy brands start from one of the great classics of jewelry, reinterpreting hoop earrings with new aesthetic and stylistic codes. Contemporary, exclusive, handcrafted.

But which one to choose? Prefer the medium or maxi version if you have short hair or love to wear it gathered up: they will be perfect, with stones or precious metals, for special evenings paired with elegant outfits, or in the more essential versions combined with a more causal chic daily wear. If you have long or medium-length hair, opt for smaller hoop earrings: they will immediately illuminate your face and can also be mixed with a game of necklaces. Also beautiful in the bold version!

So are you ready to open our jewelry box and find out which hoop earrings we have selected for you?

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Large Hoop Earrings - Vu Elle Jewels.

Combine a must like hoop earrings with a great classic like pearls: what do you get? The new Vu Elle Jewels hoop earrings: large, sophisticated, in silver and with a detail that really makes the difference. Well yes, because they are the ones who make them even more precious... pearls! A jewel not to be missed!

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Dwarka Earrings Aquamarine - Dea Rail.

Handmade in 18 kt gold plated bronze, these exclusive Dea Rail hoop earrings are embellished with aquamarine. Their light, their irregular shape, their name is inspired by a legend: the Hindu god Krishna owned a city full of gold and silver palaces, submerged during the last ice age; Indian citizens recalled the rediscovered site "Dwarka" (The Golden City). A precious jewel that tells a story through its Italian craftsmanship. All to wear.

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Exploro Earrings - Dea Rail.

Bold, contemporary, exclusive. The hoop earrings from the Exploro collection by Dea Rail are jewels that stand out. Inspired by the ancient Mayan pyramids, they are handmade at every stage, from conception to wax sculpture to the last detail. Authentic jewels, which express the true value of made in Italy in their refined beauty.

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Achilles Hoop Earrings - Vintouch

Are you looking for hoop earrings but want something different? Take a look at the Rome collection and in particular the Achilles earrings: inspired by the Greek-Roman world, made of 18-karat gold-plated silver, they are characterized by a pair of coins depicting Achilles, the heroic Greek warrior of the Iliad . Perfect in combo with elegant looks but ideal to wear even during the day, both for the office and at the weekend.

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Hoop Earrings - Vu Elle Jewels.

Small, ideal for everyday wear, Vu Elle Jewels hoop earrings are a true gem of style. In silver and with natural pearls, they combine with many different looks, illuminating the face and immediately giving you charm and elegance. A must have in your jewelry box!