Ilaria Fiore: bizarre beauty told and unfolds in garments from jarring but somewhat perfect contrasts. Masterly balance of contrasts. Originally from Puglia, born in Altamura from a family of tailors and furriers, since childhood Ilaria Fiore is driven by a strong passion for art and the desire to become a future artist. Fashion knocks on the door of Ilaria when she is still a teenager, she suddenly conscious of wanting to embark on a path aimed at its realization in the field of fashion design.

Ilaria Fiore finds its creative dimension to the Accademia di Costume e Moda di Roma, not only welcoming, home educative, but the stage, a springboard for new, young talent in the fashion industry. In fact, thanks to the contest Talents 2016, organized precisely by the Accademia di Costume e Moda with the patronage of Altaroma, Camera Nazionale della Moda Italiana, Regione Lazio e Roma Capitale, she savors the success, winning last January 30, 2016 the podium of the authentic talent with fascinating Magda collection and also a special mention for accessories. Her name also takes place among the 41 finalists of the prestigious project ITS2016 International Talent Support on stage next July 16 at the Salone degli Incanti of Trieste, where Ilaria will compete in the Section Its Accessories.

Unexpected is the end of its plot. Warrior princesses. Deceivers noble minds amalgamated in silent but turbans witches into being. Soft drapery, fluid lengths, almost sagging, reprimanded by the severity of opposites stiffer tissues. Smooth calf leather, elegant silk cady, innovative neoprene: genuine ingredients of a dish great gourment. Asymmetric garments, outward projections of female creatures at the mercy of impetuous emotional states. Restless beauty inspired by the woman bitten by a tarantula, evocative of the medieval phenomenon of tarantism. Aggressive leather top tempered by the delicacy of a lightweight panel, bridge in fabric for ultra-feminine maxi long skirt. Double-sided, experimental blouse with a leather collar revisited more strong, is divided between a respectable drapery and a unconventional cheek nappa, same leather of the underlying skirt.

Chaste black dress, donning total, almost sacred of a woman, covered, hidden by a dark slippery texture, armed by a bogus zipped gilet color leather mask of an unusual, truthful detachable backpack, necessary extension of an outfit, complete and balanced only in its entirety. The bags and accessories are in fact vital oxygen in every look by Ilaria Fiore. Not only ornamental but indispensable complement of a strictly personal and therefore unique functional aesthetics. Leather inserts invade shoulders and arms, yieldable tassels draw linear, clean bags: robotic anatomy, artificial cell clusters, implants of a beleaguered body, tired of fighting and ready to surrender at the ego duality. Black and white. Good and evil. War and peace. Creativity, impacting asteroid destroyer of ordinariness. And now only vanguard.

Giulia Fucile

Photo Credit: Accademia Costume e Moda