Stories, travels, fantastic imaginaries. Dea Rail jewels with their beauty take us far. Handmade, embellished with a contemporary design and profound messages, Dea Rail jewels represent a (perfect!) synthesis of Italian research, style and craftsmanship. In a special interview, the founder and designer of the brand Giorgia De Angelis takes us into her precious world.

Dea Rail: how did you choose, what does your brand name mean? “The name of my brand is a game of two words, but above all of two meanings. Dea represents the initials of my surname while Rail stands for binary. I immediately liked this word, it best summarizes the metaphor of travel. It gives me the idea of a journey that leads out of the known area, towards new destinations, which is precisely the feeling I want to recall with my collections. In addition, it has a rock taste, is metallic, firm and has infinite developments, all characteristics that I connect to the brand identity."

Simone Tessadori total look

Jewelery is a large world, a container of style, art, fashion, inspiration and a lot of savoir-faire. When did you realize it was here, in this very world you wanted to live in? "I realized it relatively late. Mine was a varied path: I graduated in political science and then specialized in international relations, after which I started a three-month internship in Brazil that brought back old passions in me. Upon returning to Italy, I decided to study photography and sculpture of jewelery, starting immediately after an internship at a goldsmith's shop in the heart of Rome, in the historic Palazzo Cenci. Here I learned in practice one of the most beautiful professions in the world and for this I thank my teacher Daniela Belletti who immediately believed in me. Fashion and art have always been part of my life: I have been drawing since I was little and still have old sketches of models on the catwalk. I have understood over time that Dea Rail would not exist today without every stage of my multifaceted experience, the brand encompasses them all and has given meaning to everything."

What fascinated you and still fascinates you about the jewel? And what distinguishes a Dea Rail jewel from all the others?
“I have always been fascinated by the power of expression of the jewel. It comes to communicate beyond the dress because it carries with it its original function: to celebrate, enhance, have a precise meaning. We wear jewels because we celebrate ourselves, they are real ornaments, modern talismans. And for the Dea Rail it is just that, they always tell a story and many meanings to discover."

Simone Tessadori total look
Simone Tessadori total look

Do you have any icons? Of the reference muses that inspire you? "In the latest collection At Land I talked about three surrealist artists who inspired me: Leonor Fini, Maya Deren and Meret Oppenheim. I consider Vivienne Westwood a style icon, but I also enjoy following the street styles of fashion weeks, among my favorites those of Abbey Lee Kershaw and Bella Hadid."

What message do you want to express through your creations? "The value of unique products for the creation and design process, the importance of slow fashion and the vision of jewelry as a contemporary amulet."

And finally we can only leave you like this... Future projects? “I have many ideas in the drawer, I don't know if I will be able to realize them all; However, I can tell you that probably, before the next collection, I will release a capsule of body jewels with special attention to upcycling, introducing the use of different materials." Discover Dea Rail and choose your exclusive jewel. What are you waiting for?