Maxi, short, in elegant printed silk or one-color: the kimono is now one of the protagonists of our wardrobe. From traditional Japanese dress to a must-have that dictates fashion and trend, the kimono literally translates as "what to wear".

An essential design with the typical T-shape, waistband, long and wide sleeves distinguish this garment worn in Japan since the 16th century by both men and women, of all ages. The kimono has crossed centuries, styles and countries, coming to be reinterpreted by the big fashion brands, from Gucci to Saint Laurent, and establishing itself as a cult garment.

East and West, tradition and modernity, past and future: the kimono is history, it is custom and today it is also a trend. Exclusive, elegant and so incredibly chic, the traditional Japanese dress is a versatile garment, ideal for different looks and moods.

One of the finest combos? Mixed with a fluid outfit and slipped like wide palazzo pants, wonderful if on the same scale of nuances. Do you love vintage and boho chic style? Then leave your printed kimono open and soft on a simple top and timeless jeans: success is guaranteed! Are you looking for an elegant look? Tie your kimono at the waist and wear it as if it were a dress, especially beautiful in the long version. Or if you come back for a last minute beach getaway, wear the kimono as a swimsuit cover: a real touch of class!

Discover our selection of kimonos: all exclusive and made in Italy!