LĀU is a dynamic, lively and contemporary brand. A formula, an enigma of style which finds a well-balanced and perfect blend in its interlocking mechanisms. Founded in 2011 by Lisa Anderlini, LĀU dresses a woman who doesn’t take herself too seriously and is eager to stand out without giving up comfort. The Roman designer has an eclectic background interconnected by the thread of creativity. Her degree in sustainable architecture, her love of art, screen printing, mathematics and comics…Lisa merges and encapsulates all her skills and passions in one unique project, creating a brand entirely made in Italy and already acknowledged by the experts as one to keep an eye on.It is not about finery or ostentatious decorations but of pure and very minimal geometrics, lightened by pop accents and graphic prints. A composition/decomposition game played out on sporty chic garments. From the T-Shirt to the dress, everything is the result of inspirations, thoughts and journeys turned into capsule collections designed to dress the everyday woman with versatility and originality. Winner of the 2018 Ramponi Prise, Lisa Anderlini’s LĀU distinguishes itself by its unique character and its contemporary aesthetics. In her latest 2019 Spring Summer collection Lisa Anderlini’s brand Maia corroborates once more its pure and graphic identity. The word maieutic comes from ancient Greek and means ‘art of midwifery’, as the Socratic method was named. The art of dialectic is compared by Socrates to the midwife’s activity and the philosopher is he who helps others to find the Truth within themselves and deliver it.Maia stems from this concept as an ensemble of research, art and design. Circles, cubes, geometrics become the borders of colourful garments which open in volume and outline space with creativity. The circle is the base of the OV mini dress, the cube of the Cube dress, geometrical cuts and pockets distinguish the Bauhaus T-Shirt. Romantic collars and refined transparencies give the LĀU woman a discrete, gracious femininity, blended to models that have something of the dynamism of comfort chic. Discover here the whole spring-summer LĀU collection and dress up summer with style!