Slip, pajamas, dressing gown, top, bustier... Lingerie becomes more precious and protagonist. Yes, because if once hiding it was a rule, today it comes out, showing itself. No longer hidden under clothes, lingerie is at the center of sophisticated, refined and desired collections.

Satin tops paired with high-waisted jeans, bodysuits combined in an evening look, pajama sets so beautiful they can be worn instead of a suit. Or more simply, a lingerie to choose carefully to refine your style down to the last detail. In sight or not.

More than provocative, underwear with its latest collections wants to amaze with elegance. From the big to the youngest brands, lingerie focuses on quality. Starting with the choice of materials.

Pure silk, organic cotton, handmade embroidery, lace… The minimal design of clean silhouettes, which envelop the body with softness, elegantly, joins the long tailoring tradition of a manufacture made up of hours and hours of work. Work made of embroidery, handmade, taking care of everything, down to the last centimeter of fabric. 

The new lingerie is a refined sensuality, as if to say “naturally chic”. And for this even more fascinating. No constrictions, squeezed bustiers or exaggerations, but creations that enter the women's wardrobe by confusing style, design and wearability with other garments.

The concept of a suit becomes a must: top, shorts, kimono, slip dress… everything is coordinated as a total look, making the result even more exclusive.

The color palette favors colors that are now clear and bright, such as white and champagne, to be alternated with the joy of pastel tones or black for those who never give up on a great classic.

What are you waiting for? Discover our selection of lingerie and let yourself be inspired by the exclusive creations of the made in Italy brands.