LPC Design is stylistic reinterpretation of the jewel through the use of waste materials. Unprecedented geometries expertly made with fine leather and embellished with gold studs and silver become an expression of a unique style and sophisticated. The different textures of the leather used evoke conflicting sensations that are accentuated by the colors and shapes overlap in a tangle of intriguing harmony.

The LPC Design brand was founded in 2012 by the fervent passion of Simona Strazzullo, of Neapolitan origin, she graduated in Architecture. The strong interest in eco design has conducted the eclectic designer from unusual experimental paths that have created unique creations and impactful. Necklaces, earrings, handmade bracelets, with reverberant shades retro details and neo deco given a contemporary twist.

For the Egyptian Queen collection the color palette follows the heat of the earth and the immensity of the sky. Strict forms outline the strong character of the woman who wears them. For the collection Hypnosis there is an intersection of colors and materials in semicircles that catch the eye. The Cyber Jungle collection is evasive, instinctive, the result of sudden insights that follow a natural impulse. The Fractal Spyro collection is inspired by fractals by Benoît Mandelbrot, leather carvings are repeated in form but in different sizes and textures in an aesthetic incredibly attractive.

From July 24 to 26 LPC Design will be exhibiting at Pure London, the show dedicated to new trends, to present his new collection Abraxas. This term derived from the Persian tradition, used to symbolize the union between good and evil, LPC Design presents a collection that reflects the duality of every woman. Edgy, daring, characterized by sharptriangles, the Abraxas collection becomes manifest a brazen and provocative femininity.