Maragisca Design Lab, a synergy of jewellery design and handcraft, is a very interesting project that planted its roots in 2015. By who? Massimo S. Giorgetti, an interior designer and building projector who is also passionate about jewellery design. It’s a love cultivated with time, occasionally and privately. It’s a brand that desires to express beauty in wearable jewellery through simple, defined shapes, shunning excessiveness.Marigisca was formed with the intent of releasing limited series, of projects that already existed as the designer’s unique pieces, never before publicised, along with new ideas that only use precious metals. Massimo isn’t alone in all of this, because aside from his effervescent creativity he can always count on the professional collaboration he has with the Florentine goldsmith Marco Ballini. Their meeting was a real turning point for both of them. Marco believed early on in initiative, developing the various collections using all his craftsman’s know-how. Design and hand manufacture blend together in jewellery that experiments with contemporary language, never overlooking manual, traditional techniques. Loyal to the brand’s philosophy, Maragisca products are in fact all limited edition, made by hand with experience and knowledge, one by one, only following the rhythm of the pace of art and craft.Escaping from the concept of luxury that is defined by ostentation and exaggeration, Maragiscas’ creations are minimal, essential, and easy to wear and interpret. They display the personality values of whoever wears them, freeing it to express itself, always showing different aspects. The use of precious materials conjugates with the rigour of the designs and handcraft techniques. Maragisca breathes life into exclusive pieces that are distant from the prevailing ‘cooked and eaten’ style. Chosen and loved, they make you wait, and desire, until their magical arrival. A moment, a sensation, an additional value that renders them even more precious. Unique. The first public exposition of Maragiscas’ creations occurred at the event “Outsidelounge 2019” at the Galleria Rossini in Milan, a place of inspiration for contemporary jewellery.For info & contact, photos Michael Minelli Photographer