Massimiliano Zumbo: a brand, a name, a talent ... so much stuff to sell! From Sicily to Marangoni, passing through fashion. Yes, because that could not be the only road, the only direction to follow for a very young designer like Massimiliano Zumbo, who grew up with bread and creativity. The grandmother's clothes, tailoring, the ability to stitch dreams and then sew them into reality were just the beginning of a story made of words and fabric.After attending the Fashion Design Course at Istituto Marangoni, which ended in 2011, Massimiliano collaborates with many important companies in the sector such as the Ovs, Coin and Max Mara group. But his great strength of will and imagination, led him to create a line of his own, the Massimiliano Zumbo Prèt à Couture, launched with the very first Spring-Summer 2016 collection "Armoire".As poetic as high fashion, as fun as prêt à porter, Massimiliano Zumbo Prèt à Couture is the right mix of leaps in time, in a past that smells of traditions, in a future that looks at the forefront, in a present which finds its wavelength in the balance. Clouds of tulle alternate with printed satins, the colors light up with contrasts, tiaras and accessories play with a light femininity. Romantica. Almost naive, but only in form.And even in the Spring - Summer 2018 collection, "Secret Passage", the irony beauty dresses evening, the fashion freedom of news. Everything mixes, unites in the night and in the darkness of secret alleys, then suddenly illuminated by atmospheres on the verge of improbability. Japanese clubs, the romanticism of Banana Joshimoto, wonderfully dressed women who consume themselves with love. In the delicacy of the rose, the futurism of silver, splashes of sky, the lilac color the femininity of Massimiliano Zumbo borders the taste of the East, remaining faithful to the cutting and craftsmanship of the West. Or better than Made in Italy. Pure, integral Made in Italy.Ruffles, overlays, inserts, embroidery: care is the detail (which makes the difference!), Tangible art. From midsummer nights to the red carpet of a great gala, there is always a good reason to dress ... Massimiliano Zumbo Prèt à Couture. For info