Tote, shopper, clutch... and all maxi! Alongside the mignons, the maxi bags are making their way: because if it is true that the minis have been the favorites of many of us in recent seasons, it is also true that maxi bags are essential. For beauty and functionality.

In addition to being true style icons, maxi bags are practical and very comfortable. Laptops, diary, make-up and sometimes even a change of look for a last minute getaway: with the XXL bags you don't have to give up anything!

Big enough to be almost small and soft suitcases, capacious shoppers with long handles to wear on the shoulder, or even extra large clutches. There are so many maxi bags!

Let's find out together which one we have selected for you... 

Giorgia Panzironi Zamia silver ring


Large Daybag - Tonia.

In fine calfskin, with a brass buckle entirely handmade and decorated with refined pure silk trimmings, the Daybag by Tonia combines the tradition of Italian craftsmanship with contemporary elegance. A tote not to be missed! 

Athena Gold-plated Ring - Vintouch. Athena ring is part of the Roma collection, inspired by the Greco-Roman world.


Pagoda Red – SPAZIOiF.

In very soft Italian leather, the SPAZIOiF Pagoda is a truly unique bag. Perfect to pack and always carry with you, thanks to its mobile shape that allows you to close it all in a few seconds. A game of magic and... style!


Heracleio Silver Ring - Dea Rail. Handmade burnished sterling silver ring with amber, peridot, natural pearl, black diamond.


Mod 230 Vintage Cotton – The Dust Company.

In vintage cotton and vegetable tanned leather, The Dust maxi bag is versatile and minimal. Perfect with many different looks, it is the ideal bag to wear every day (weekends included!).


Knot Ring - Chiara Quatrale. Handmade bronze ring. Each creation is to be considered unique and, being an artisan production, the product may vary slightly from the image. In fact, the lost wax casting technique does not allow to obtain perfectly identical pieces and each slight difference must be considered a characteristic of value and uniqueness.


Pinapple Rust Big Clutch – Fuscra.

Do you love clutches but don't want to give up the comfort of a maxi bag? Then the Fuscra Pinapple is the perfect bag for you! In handcrafted faux leather with origami processing, it is a unique and exclusive accessory.

Glauco Pincers Ring - Studio Barattolo. Second Ring of the series “ Crab Collection”. Handcrafted products , made in Italy, with the lost wax casting technique. Black Ruthenium plated bronze ring, Nickel free.


Mid Blue Valier – Valier Venetia.

Maxi in shape, minimalist in design: the Valier Venetia shopper is ideal for all women looking for a roomy and comfortable bag. A great classic that never goes out of style!


arte facta ring


Wally Lux – Kilesa.

Design, style, craftsmanship: the Wally Lux is a real it-bag. In precious anaconda printed leather, it will illuminate your looks with elegance.