Milano Fashion Week Women's has recently closed (early). Between canceled events and closed-door fashion shows, fashion has never ceased to excite. Precious workings, transparencies, leather, embroidery, coats with important shoulders cover sensual petticoat dresses. Male and female, strength and kindness, romance and determination... the contrasts increase, the borders disappear in looks that want to dare, to be looked at and worn. Discover some of the Fall /Winter 2020-21 collections that we have noticed and... annotated!

BROGNANO - A hymn to femininity and the beauty of being equal only to ourselves. Tulle, embroidery, colours and lots of elegance parade on the catwalks dressed by Nicola Brognano. The young designer and new creative director of Blumarine dedicates his Fall/Winter 2020-21 collection to women and their uniqueness. From the kindness of blouses and large bows tied around the neck, from the transparency and romance of tulle, from the lightness of soft, enveloping and loose fabrics to powerful total looks, vibrant shades and coats tight at the waist that recall the city in their decisive and clean lines . An interpretation of timeless fashion that does not compromise except with good taste and unquestionable great class.