Geometric, bucket, round... mini bags continue to have a special place in the wardrobe of all of us. A stylish accessory that, with that (small!) but original touch, solves many looks. Much loved in the cross-body version, the latest trend as a belt bag, more chic and feminine if carried by hand: mini bags never cease to amaze and conquer us.

The smaller version of the bag is now a guarantee of style, which has gone from being a trend to a true iconic must. Focus on a contemporary design and leave room for details such as chains, fringes and precious decorations: exclusive but at the same time functional mini bags, ideal to carry with you from morning to evening.

Stop looking for them, they are already here...


Giorgia Panzironi Zamia silver ring


Aspis Small Bag - Alessio Ravaioli.

Modular and with a contemporary design, the Aspis in mini version by Alessio Ravaioli is a versatile and innovative bag: through its twist lock system, the bag completely changes its look. A mini bag that goes beyond the seasons and is confirmed as a real must. You can wear it both as a handbag and as a shoulderbag, thanks to its comfortable removable shoulder strap.

Athena Gold-plated Ring - Vintouch. Athena ring is part of the Roma collection, inspired by the Greco-Roman world.


Yup Orange Bag - Clemsa.

Among the mini bags we have selected there is a very special one: the Clemsa Yup is in fact a true example of Italian craftsmanship. Handmade with origami processing, in very soft leather and magnetic closure, it will make your outfits unique and exclusive. Available in several colors, we have chosen it in a vitamin orange nuance, perfect for Summer.


Heracleio Silver Ring - Dea Rail. Handmade burnished sterling silver ring with amber, peridot, natural pearl, black diamond.


Dulcie Onetone - Salce 197.

Are you looking for a stylish gem? Don't miss Dulcie, the mini bag by Salce 197: in leather, with a beautiful and luminous golden serpentine chain, it has a geometric, modern and innovative design. As a shoulder or cross-body bag, it adds a touch of color and elegance to your looks, both for day and evening. Available in Thyme and Cinder.


Knot Ring - Chiara Quatrale. Handmade bronze ring. Each creation is to be considered unique and, being an artisan production, the product may vary slightly from the image. In fact, the lost wax casting technique does not allow to obtain perfectly identical pieces and each slight difference must be considered a characteristic of value and uniqueness.


### - Parise.

Elegant, feminine and super chic: the mini bag signed by Parise is beautiful worn with its golden chain but also worn at the waist as a beltbag. Versatile and multifunctional, it is a piece of Italian craftsmanship to take with you every day! To characterize it in addition to the sophisticated design and the special lime nuance, is the typical leather weave of the brand, 100% handmade in Italy.

Glauco Pincers Ring - Studio Barattolo. Second Ring of the series “ Crab Collection”. Handcrafted products , made in Italy, with the lost wax casting technique. Black Ruthenium plated bronze ring, Nickel free.


Diamond Mini - Marco Trevisan.

The Diamond Mini is the smallest bag in the collection created by Marco Trevisan. Elegant and playful at the same time, it stands out for its clean lines and its artisan heart. A 100% made in Italy mini bag, with removable shoulder strap, it is also available in blue and ivory.


arte facta ring


Crossbody Bag - TONIA.

A mini bag that you just can't miss? The Artic Crossbody by TONIA. In an elegant and refined tip of light blue (also available in black, butter, burgundy, pink and yellow) it is a mix of purely Italian design, craftsmanship and style. Made of fine calfskin, with attention to every single detail, it is embellished with a completely handmade brass buckle and refined pure silk trimmings. A real touch of class!


Giorgia Panzironi Zamia silver ring


Giugiù - Ledeff.

Small, versatile, perfect to wear alone or to mix with other bags. La Giugiù, also available in red and petrol, is the ideal mini bag to keep and always carry your essential items with you. Beautiful combined with a light and romantic printed midi dress, bold and contemporary in match with timeless jeans, trendy and avant-garde crossed over a colorful suit. A beautiful accessory... always!